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Upsi team picture.

Sami Hammarberg

Jonas Pomoell

Iiro Heiliö

Three disc golfers with coding skills and the motivation to make the best disc golf app not just for the pros but for all disc golfers. We want to support the sport as a fun way to spend time outdoors with your friends for everyone. So we’re focusing where it matters: the fastest and least distractive way to take scores, sharing scores and live games and gathering your pool for a round today no matter are they your friends or new acquaintances.

Why it's called Upsi? The word upsi is a Finnish disc golf term, meaning usually what is called a 'Upside Down' or generally an 'overhead throw'. The name most likely refers to upshot, but was misinterpreted by the early Finnish disc golf pioneers. Still upsi as a term holds on in Finnish disc golfer’s language, even though the sport has gone a long way since the first disc golf course was built in Meilahti Helsinki in mid-1980s - a course often still played by the Upsi developer team.

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